What is the ruling on swearing by the Prophet or by a person’s life?

Question 311: Some Muslims swear by the Prophet, by a person’s life, or by their loved ones, along with swearing by Allaah – we seek refuge in Allaah from this. What is the reason for the spread of this phenomenon? Is it because of the people’s ignorance of its seriousness, or due to their customs and traditions? Are there any other reasons? What is the role of the media in enlightening the people regarding this matter? What is the role of the Du`aah (callers to Islaam) in raising people’s awareness as regards this phenomenon?

Answer: It is not permissible to swear except by Allaah (Exalted be He) or by one of His Attributes, because swearing by other than Allaah is Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship). The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated, Anyone who swears by anyone but Allah has committed Shirk. He (peace be upon him) also stated, Anyone who has to take an oath should swear by Allaah or remain silent. Also, swearing is an act of glorifying what is sworn by and such glorification should be given only to Allaah (Exalted be He). Thus, it is not permissible to swear by other than Allaah, which includes the Prophet or any other creature... read more here.

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