Celebrating a certain period of pregnancy

Question 30: It is a habit of the people in my country to hold various celebrations when a woman is in her seventh month of pregnancy. These celebrations vary from one city to another. Also, after a woman gives birth, they recite the Prophet’s birth narrative.

The question is: What is your opinion on this and is there any religious proof on these practices?

Answer: Celebrating a certain period of pregnancy and reciting the Prophet’s birth narrative after delivery are both Bidd‘ahs (innovations in religion) that have no basis in Sharee‘ah (Islaamic law). What is Mashroo‘ (Islaamically permissible) is to offer ‘Aqeeqah (sacrifice for a newborn); two sheep for the male baby and one for the female baby. The sacrificial animals are to be slaughtered on the seventh day after birth. The baby should be given a name and the head of a male newborn should be shaved..read more here.

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