Is Tahaarah a condition for visiting graves?

Question 30: What is the ruling on a person who visits Al-Masjid Al-Nabawee (the Prophet’s Mosque in Madeenah) in a state of Wudoo’ (ablution) and visits Al-Baqee‘ and the rest of the sites without Wudoo’. Is there any blame on him for that?

Answer: There is no blame on him; visiting Al-Baqee’ or the Martyrs of Uhud does not require that the visitor has Wudoo‘. It is Mustahab (desirable) to visit graves, but Tahaarah (ritual purification) is not a condition. This is due to the general meaning of the Hadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him): Visit the graves for they remind you of the Hereafter. (Related by Muslim in his Saheeh [Authentic Hadeeth Book])… read more here.

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