Performing Ruqyah by listening to on tape

Question 279: Upon performing the Ruqyah (reciting Qur’aan and saying supplications over the sick seeking healing), is it permissible for the person who does it to put his hand on the patient,while playing a cassette tape containing Qur’aan, as there are four tapes in the market that contain supplications and certain Soorahs for healing by the Qur’aan and warding off envy and the like?

Answer: The general rule is that the person who carries out the Ruqyah should recite the Qur’aan himself and should blow his breath over the patient with his own saliva. Doing so is reported in the Saheeh (authentic) book of Hadeeth on the authority of ‘Aboo Sa`eed Al-Khudree (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said... read more here.

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