Conditions of ability of Hajj

Question 7: I am a wealthy man and I have a sister whose husband is poor. He was involved in accident, and, as a result, he became indebted. He is unable to repay his debts, because he has a very large family and he is their sole supporter. I have performed the duty of obligatory Hajj and then I performed Hajj again; I would now like to perform it for a third time and take my sister with me, at my expense, because she is financially unable to perform the obligation of Hajj. Which is better in the Sight of Allaah (Exalted be He), to take my sister with me to Hajj or to settle the debt of her poor husband with the expenditure for Hajj? Please advise me and may Allaah reward you with the best!

Answer:  If the situation is as you mentioned, and your sister’s husband is indebted and unable to repay his debts, the priority is to settle his debts with the money that you have and to delay your sister’s Hajj. Settling the debt of your sister’s husband and relieving their distress is more important than helping her to perform Hajj, and more beneficial to them. Hajj is not obligatory upon her until she is able to afford it... read more here.


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