Denying what is regarded as ” the well-established and known Islaamic principles”

Question 114: Kindly, cite all the cases whereby a person is judged to be a Kaafir (disbeliever), outside the Deen (religion) of Islaam. What is the ruling on a person judged as such? Please, give a brief account on Riddah (apostasy), the lower degree of Kufr (disbelief) and love and hate of such a person for Allaah’s Sake.

Answer: The Mukafiraat (Crimes, the perpetration of which make one a disbeliever) that place a person outside Islaam are many, among them are the following:

1- To deny the Ma‘loom min al-deen biddarurah (the inevitably well-known basic principles of the religion) or the fact that they are obligatory acts of worship, such as denying that Salaah (prayer), Zakaah (obligatory charity), Sawm (fast), Hajj or the like are Divinely ordained duties,

2- To deem lawful that which is inevitably well-known to be prohibited in Islaam such as Zinaa (sexual intercourse outside marriage), drinking Khamr (intoxicant), premeditated unjust murder, impiety towards parents and the like,

3- To revile Allaah, His Messenger, the religion of Islaam, angels or the like. However, for a comprehensive list of such cases, please refer to the chapter of the Ruling on Apostate in the books of Fiqh (Islaamic jurisprudence)… read more here.

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