What is said between the Takbeer in `Eed Prayer

Question 9: What should a Ma’moom (a person being led by an Imam in Prayer) and Imaam say between the seven Takbeers in the first Rak`ah (unit of Prayer) and the five Takbeers in the second Rak`ah in Salaat-ul-`Eed? Can one say: “Subhaan Allaah (Glory be to Allaah), Al-hamdu lillaah (Praise be to Allaah), Laa ilaaha illaa Allaah (There is no god but Allaah), and Allaahu Akbar (Allaah is the Greatest)”?

Answer: A person is required to say Takbeer seven times in the first Rak`ah of `Eid Prayer at the beginning of his Salaah. A person is also required to say Takbeer five times in the second Rak`ah raising his hands for every Takbeer. One is legally permitted also to say Tahmeed (saying: “Al-hamdu lillaah [All praise is due to Allaah]”), Tasbeeh (saying: “Subhaan Allaah [Glory be to Allaah]”) and Takbeer (saying: “Allaahu Akbar [Allaah is the Greatest]”). One is permitted also to ask Allaah to confer peace and blessings upon the Prophet (peace be upon him) between every Takbeer and the other... read more here.


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