Children going out for ‘Eed Prayer

Question 3: There is a prevalent habit in our town. This habit is related to children who go to the Musalla (a place for Prayer) for `Eid (Festival). They do not offer the Salaah (Prayer), they just sit near the Masjid (mosque) playing and making loud noises expressing their joy for `Eed. Thus, they disturb the worshipers who are not able to follow the Khutbah (sermon). The children continue to play until the worshipers finish their Salah then they return home with the latter. I asked them to stop this bad habit but in vain. Please tell me what is the ruling on this habit that the children of successive generations are following.

Answer: Children who are seven years old or older should not be prevented from coming to the Musalla of `Eed. This is because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Command your children to pray when they are seven years old, and beat them for (neglecting) it when they are ten years old; and arrange their beds (to sleep) separately. However, children should be advised and guided to follow the etiquettes of Islaam, to adhere to the rights of Salaah and the worshipers, to listen to the Khutbah and admonitions, and not to speak loudly lest they disturb the Khateeb (preacher) and those who are listening to him. On the other hand, the parents and guardians of children should be made aware of that so they may refine their children and discipline them. At the same time, the parents and guardians should be moderate; they should neither repress their children nor give them full rein to play frivolously and disturb the worshipers. Allaah (Exalted be He) is the Only One from whom we should seek help… read more here.

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