The amount of food to be paid as Zakaatul-Fitr

Question 11:  What is the amount of Zakaatul-fitr (obligatory charity paid before the Festival of Breaking the Fast) in kilogram? I have given out an amount of ten kilograms of rice on behalf of four members of my family, but later I doubted and asked about the amount due on every single individual and was told that it is 2.25 kg.

I hope Your Eminence would inform me of the amount in kilograms, and what should I do if the amount I gave out fell short of the due amount? Please give us Fatwaa. May Allaah reward you with the best!

Answer: The amount of Zakaatul-Fitr which is due on every individual is about 3 kilograms of rice or other staple foodstuffs of the region where one lives. Accordingly, the questioner should make up for the incomplete amounts remaining as due Zakaatul-Fitr on behalf of those four persons… read more here.


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