Leaving to say Du’aa al-Qunoot during some Taraaaweeh Prayers

Question: Is true that Du‘aa’-ul-Qunoot (supplication recited while standing after bowing in the last unit of Prayer) should not be constantly made in Ramadaan i.e. the Imaam can supplicate once or twice during the same night either in the first, middle, or last ten nights of Ramadaan? Did that happen during the lifetime of the Messenger (peace be upon him) and his Sahaabah (Companions)? What is actually followed in Madeenah, Makkah the central city of Masjids (mosques), and Riyadh? If Du‘aa’-ul-Qunoot is permissible once or twice during Ramadaan, please explain this to the Ummah (nation based on one creed) to be made clear in every Masjid no matter big or small.

Answer: Du‘aa’-ul-Qunoot in Witr (Prayer with an odd number of units) is Mustahab (desirable) because of the Hadeeth reported by Al-Hasan ibn ‘Alee (may Allaah be pleased with them) who said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) taught me some words to say during Qunoot in the Witr Prayer. They are, ‘Allaahumma ihdinee feeman hadayta, wa ‘aafinee feeman ‘aafayta, wa tawallanee feeman tawallayta, wa baarik lee feemaa a‘tayta, wa qinee sharra maa qadayta, fa inaka taqdee wa la yuqdaa ‘alaik, wa inahoo laa yadilu man waalayta, tabaarakta Rabbaanaa wa ta‘aalayta [O Allaah! Guide me among those You have guided. Protect me among those You have protected. Take me into Your Care among those You have taken into Your Care. Bless me in what You have bestowed (on me). Guard me from the evil of what You have decreed, for You are the One Who decrees, and none can decree over You. Truly, the one whom You patronize can never be abased. Blessed and Exalted are You, our Lord].’ (Related by Ahl-ul-Sunan [authors of Hadeeth compilations classified by jurisprudential themes: ‘Aboo Daawood, Ibn Maajah, Al-Tirmidee and Al-Nasaa’ee])… read more here.

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