Establishing schools in which the religions of non-Muslims are studied

Question 47: Some Muslims in India establish non-Islaamic modern schools which are authorized by the Indian government. To obtain such an authorization, they pay a large sum of money to the government by virtue of which the government grants authorization. Afterwards, school officials define a large sum of money as the school acceptance fees. Acceptance is conditional upon the fact that the acceptance test be made by the government and that the school be delivered a significant governmental certificate. However, after the test is made and the certificate is delivered, there remains a considerable sum of money from acceptance fees paid by students which the school officials take, justifying it to be all a commercial transaction.

What is the ruling on such a transaction? Is it permissible for those officials to eat up such money?

Answer: It is not permissible for Muslims to open schools to teach disbelievers religions. Undoubtedly, this falls under helping one another in sin and transgression. Moreover, money acquired through such schools is ill-gotten… read more here.


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