Is there a plan to memorize the Qur’aan by heart for a person who memorizes but always forgets because of many daily life occupations?

Question 19:  I want your Eminence to provide me with a plan to memorize the Qur’aan so that I do not forget it. During the past five years I was only able to memorize five Hizb (a 60th portion of the Qur’aan). I would memorize a Hizb or a Hizb and a half, then stop for a while. I would then begin memorizing again for a period of four months before stopping again until five years passed with me only memorizing about six Hizb which I have almost forgotten now due to my weak faith and limited time resulting from our materialistic life. Indeed, I spend around 12 hours outside home working in a laboratory.

Answer: You should continue reciting the Qur’aan and memorizing it as much as you can following the Prophet’s saying… read more here.

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