Khutbah of 1408 A.H.

Al-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh (May Allaah’s Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you!)

All praise is due to Allaah. We seek His Help and Forgiveness. We also seek refuge with Him from the evils in ourselves and from our misdeeds. Whomsoever Allaah guides, none can misguide and whomsoever Allaah leaves astray, none can guide. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allaah and that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger.

To proceed:

Merits of Tawheed:

Tawheed (belief in the Oneness of Allaah/ monotheism) is a word for which the heavens and the earth have been established and upon which Allaah has originated all His Creatures. It is a word upon which the religion has been founded, the Qiblah (Ka`bah-direction faced in salaah) has been assigned, and for its sake the swords of Jihaad (fighting/striving in the Cause of Allaah) have been unsheathed. It is the greatest obligation which Allaah has imposed on all servants. It is the Fitrah (innate pure nature) for which Allaah created all people and it is the key of His Worship to which He invited the nations through their Messengers. Thus, it is the word of Islaam, the key of the abode of peace, and the foundation of obligatory and supererogatory acts. Anyone whose last words are: “Laa ilaaha illaa Allaah (there is no god but Allaah)” shall enter Paradise… read more here.

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