There is no brotherhood between Muslims and Kaafirs and the only true religion is Islaam

All praise be to Allaah Alone. May peace and blessings be upon the Last Prophet!

In its issue no (3031), dated (27/1394), Okaz newspaper published an article regarding the observance of Jumu`ah (Friday) Prayer in the Mosque of Cordova.It mentioned that observing this event places emphasis on the relationship of brotherhood and affection between Muslims and Christians. In the same context, the Muslim World Journal dated 29/1394 A.H., published the same article in the following wording: Undoubtedly, this act is an emphasis on the tolerance of Islaam and that we all have one religion, etc.

These words contradict the legal evidence stating that there is neither brotherhood, nor affection between Muslims and non-Muslims. Brotherhood is only among Muslims themselves. There is no unity between Islaam and Christianity. Islaam is the true faith that should be accepted by all people. As for Christianity, it is a distorted and deviant religion as affirmed in the Text of the Noble Qur’aan. Among the proofs in support of this fact is Allaah’s, the Glorified, statement in Soorah Al-Hujuraat… read more here.

Note: This was published in the magazine of the Islaamic University in Madeenah, the fourth edition, the seventh year, Rabee` Al-Thaanee, 1395 A.H.


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