Tahaarah (ritual purity) is a condition for the validity of Tawaaf

Question 43: Last Ramadaan, I performed Ghusl (ritual bath) to assume Ihraam (ritual state for Hajj and ‘Umrah) at the Meeqaat (site for entering the ritual state for Hajj and ‘Umrah), but I forgot to perform Wudoo’ (ablution) after the Ghusl. I then performed Salaah (Prayer) at the Meeqaat, Tawaaf (circumambulation around the Ka‘bah), and the Duhr (Noon) Prayer. When I was in the al-Haram (the Sacred Sanctuary of Makkah), I remembered that I had not performed Wudoo’. I searched for a Muftee (Islamic scholar qualified to issue legal opinions), but I did not find one at that time. One of the soldiers there told me about a man who could give me a Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar). I went and asked him about the Salaah and Tawaaf that I performed with that Ghusl but without Wudoo’, and he told me that they were valid. Is this true?

And if Ghusl does not suffice instead of Wudoo’, what should I do about the Duhr Prayer and Tawaaf, and is my ‘Umrah valid?

Answer: The Fatwaa that you mentioned is not correct; you are still in Ihraam for ‘Umrah; if you have not yet returned to repeat the Tawaf while you are Taahir (ritually pure), you have to do the following: Go to Makkah as soon as possible as you are still in Ihraam, perform Tawaaf and Sa‘ee (going between Safa and Marwah during Hajj), and then shave or cut your hair… read more here.


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