Zakaah on overdue money from the state

Question 35: The Custodian of the Two Sacred Mosques, may Allaah protect him, issued a decree that all payments due to governmental bodies, organizations and individuals should be paid. One of the concerned organizations received payments that traced back to 1403 AH, almost seven years ago. The total amount paid to this organization is more than 5 million riyals. My question is: Is Zakaah due on this money upon payment? If so, is Zakaah due on this money for one year, or for more? If Zakaah is due on this money, people should be informed about this by the Imams (those who lead congregational Prayer) of Masajid (mosques) and by way of the media so that the people involved can fulfill the third obligation of this great religion and win the pleasure of Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He). This is also important so that Allaah will bless us with rain as one of the reasons that Allaah does not send down rain is punishment for not paying Zakaah. My sole reason for asking this question is to please Allaah. With my best regards and may Allaah’s peace and blessings be with you!

Answer: If the matter is as you mentioned, Zakaah is due on this money at the end of the year to be counted from the day the organization receives the payment, and no Zakaah is due for the previous years as the money was not in the organization’s possession… read more here.

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