Should we pay Zakaah on the family charitable fund?

Question 37: I keep a sum of money as a fund for my tribe. Every male member of the tribe, young or old, pays 100 riyals at the beginning of every Hijree year to this fund. We save this money so we can use it to pay for Diyah (blood money) from car or other unintentional accidents or to defend people. The total amount is now really big, 200,000 riyals or more. This fund is called the “Furooq” of the tribe. The people of the tribe have unanimously chosen me to be the one entrusted with this fund. Is there any Zakaah (obligatory charity) due on this money if a lunar year passes without us using it? It should be mentioned that this money is collected every year.

Answer: If the reality is as you mentioned and the tribe’s members do not regain any of the money they paid into the fund as a donation, they no longer personally own it, and the money is used for the purpose that they donated it for, then no Zakaah is due on it… read more here.

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