Ruling on paying Zakaah on commercial commodities

Question 42: A questioner from Morocco visited us and mentioned that the scholars of Morocco differed with regard to Zakaah of commercial commodities. Some of them stated that Zakaah on commercial commodities is obligatory while others opposed this and supported their opinion with the Aayah (Qur’aanic verse) of Zakaah which only mentions gold and silver. This latter group of scholars also mentioned that all kinds of wealth and commodities other than gold and silver do not follow them with regard to the obligation of Zakaah. However, scholars agreed with regard to the other types of Zakaah, meaning, Zakaah on grain, fruit, camels, and sheep. Please explain this matter to us in writing so that the opponents become convinced. May Allaah reward you!

Answer: First, jurists differed with regard to the obligation of paying Zakaah on commercial commodities. This Zakaah was considered to be obligatory by the Jumhoor (dominant majority of scholars) but not by Dawud ibn `Alee Al-Zhahiree and a group of other scholars… read more here.

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