Money dedicated for public charities (Zakaah on money donated for charity)

Question 39: 

A- We agreed to deposit one hundred thousand Riyals (100000) in some banks without investing them in sales and purchases. Instead, it was intended to be on standby for any member of this community who experiences an accident and becomes liable to pay Diyah (blood money). Therein, the Diyah would be paid from the retained money. Is it permissible to keep this sum without investing it? Should Zakaah (obligatory charity) be paid on it?

B- We bought a local house in the city of Riyadh for one hundred and fifteen thousand Riyals (115.000) which at present is being rented annually for twelve thousand Riyals (12.000). Is this house subject to Zakaah? What is the Zakaah amount due considering that sometimes it remains unleased? Please, advise!

C- We bought plots of land with the rest of the sum in Riyadh and Jeddah to insure the future. Is this land subject to Zakaah or not? How much should be paid ?

D- We agreed to distribute the Zakaah payment to orphans, widows and those in debt among the members of this tribe, is this correct?

Answer: First, If this sum, more or less, is being collected as donations that nothing of it is distributed to the donors, when no accidents take place, and are spent in aspects of Charity; this is permissible… read more here.

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