When should be the consecutively 60 days Sawm be observed in the lunar calendar for Kaffaarah?

Question 75: A person had intercourse with his wife who willingly went to bed with him during the day in Ramadaan. After doing this act, they regretted it and performed Tawbah (repentance to Allaah). They asked a shaykh in their area about the ruling on this act who told them that each one of them has to fast two consecutive months. It is not necessary to begin Sawm (fast) once the crescent rises, rather they are allowed to fast on any day provided that they complete two consecutive months. The husband began his Sawm from 16/6/1410 to 17/8/1410 AH, is his Sawm valid? As for the wife, she did not fast because of her monthly period which prevents her from fasting consecutively. How can she fast two consecutive months? Please clarify in detail, may Allaah reward you with the best!

Answer: Whoever has intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadaan is obliged to free a slave, and if this is not possible, he should fast for two consecutive months. If he begins Sawm on the fifteenth day of the month and completes two consecutive months, it will be sufficient… read more here.

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