Is it permissible for a husband to feed one poor person as a Kaffaarah (expiation) for him and his wife?

Question 73: It is of common knowledge that the ruling on whoever has sexual intercourse with his wife during the daytime of Ramadaan is to emancipate a believing slave, fasting for two consecutive months or feed sixty poor persons.

The question is:

1. If the man has sexual intercourse with his wife more than once on different days, will he be obliged to fast two months as an expiation for each day on which he broke his Sawm, or that one-time expiation will be sufficient for any number of days on which he did that act?
2. If the husband who did that act is ignorant of the religious ruling on this question, and that he only thought he would make up for each missed day with one in return, what is the ruling accordingly?
3. Does the same ruling apply to the wife as well?
4. Is it permissible for the husband to pay money instead of feeding poor people?
5. Is the husband permitted to feed one poor person as Kaffaarah (expiation) for him and his wife?
6. If the husband cannot find sixty poor persons to feed, is it permissible for him to pay equal money for a charitable organization, such as the al-Birr Society in Riyadh or any other charitable organization?

Answer: Cases when observing expiatory Sawm (Fast) becomes obligatoryFirstly, if the said husband had intercourse with his wife in the daytime of Ramadaan once or more during the daytime of Ramadaan, then he is obliged to make one Kaffaarah (expiation)… read more here.

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