Should we pay Zakaah on Coconut?

Question 22: How do we pay Zakaah on Coconut? It is a tree that looks like a palm-tree regarding the benefits and usage but the difference between them is in the form of fruits. The fruits of Coconut have inner and outer husk and both husks are useful but they are not edible. Inside the fruit, there is pure nutritious liquid “milk” ready for drink and may be made as vinegar. It is known that the Nisaab (the minimum amount on which Zakaah is due) on crops and fruits is five Wasq (1 Wasq=60 Sa`s=180 kg. Approx.) if we exclude the opinion of the Hanafee school in this regard. The fruits of Coconut are not weighed.

The peasants and farmers of Coconut sell their crops and the fruits of the Coconut on the day of harvest then give its Zakaah in cash. This means that they give their Zakaah in a way different from the prescribed way for paying Zakaah on crops and fruits, is this method of paying Zakaah correct?

Answer: Coconut is deemed to be one of the fruits which has no Zakaah because its fruits are not weighed or stored… read more here.

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