Impermissibility of burying Muslims in non-Muslims graveyards

Question 29: A group of Muslims in Brussels in Belgium are honored to request for a Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) from Your Eminence in regard to burying Muslims in Christian or any other graveyards. We have decided to create an Islamic graveyard in this country, and the Belgian government has asked us to obtain a Fatwaa. As you exert great effort to spread this religion, we are awaiting your reply on this matter with the greatest respect.

Answer: It is obligatory that Muslims should be buried in a separate graveyard, as it is not permissible to bury them in non-Muslims graveyards. Imaam Al-Shirazee said in “Al-Muhaadab”: “Neither a Kaafir (disbeliever)… read more here.

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