Making a vow to sacrifice an animal and observe Sawm (fast) for ten days in Rajab

Question 3: A woman made a vow to slaughter a sheep and observe Sawm (Fast) for ten days in Rajab on a yearly basis. She managed to fast the ten days for eleven years, but she only slaughtered one sheep. She continued giving Sadaqah (voluntary charity) for not observing the Sawm she vowed for twenty years. Now she is asking about what she has to do. Will paying Sadaqah make up for the days she did not fast or does she have to fast and slaughter a sheep yearly? Is she and her family permitted to eat from the slaughtered animal? Please give me your Fatwaa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar). May Allaah reward you with the best!

Answer: It is Makrooh (reprehensible) for a person to make a vow to single out Rajab or some days of it for Sawm or slaughter… read more here.


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