Giving a bribe to reduce the taxes on the car he is going to buy

Question 1: One of the people delegated to work at the Islaamic and Arabic Sciences Institute in Indonesia asks about the following: Every person carrying a personal passport delegated to work in this country has the right to be exempted from the customs duties required on any car they would like to buy, If the value of the car plus the customs duties is estimated at a hundred million Rupiah for example, they can buy it for only fifty million Rupiah. The problem is that if a person tries to get the car, they would not be able to do so, as the agent of the embassy offers to give them money to sign over their right so that he would be able to buy this car and resell it to benefit from the difference of customs’ tax.

The Question: Is such an act permissible? If I am unable to buy this car because of the complications faced when dealing with public offices by this agent until the exemption period ends, or if I do not want to buy a car, is it permissible for me to take the money instead ?

Answer: Taking this sum of money from the embassy agent or from any other person is impermissible, as this is delusion… read more here.

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