What is the ruling on asking the family of the person killed to pardon the killer?

Question 2: We would like to inform Your Eminence that we often go to the family of a person being killed to ask them to pardon the killer and demand no Qisaas (just retaliation). We sometimes spend a great deal of time with the family of the victim to convince them to pardon the killer, either in return for a sum of money or for any other reason. Sometimes we pretend that we are sick and refuse to eat until they would give a reply to our request; either by pardoning the killer or refusing to do so. We have heard from some scholars that it is not permissible to participate in such situations. Please guide us to what we should do!

Answer: There is no blame on doing so In-shaa’-Allaah (if Allaah wills)… read more here.

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