A father bequeathing to marry the remaining unmarried sons from his estate

Question 8: I need your Fatwa as regards the following:

First, a person had more than one son and he paid the marriage expenses of the older sons. He has another son who is about to marry and one more who is still young. Is it permissible for him to bequeath a sum of money to pay for the marriage expenses of the unmarried sons whether or not they are adults?

Second, if he bought cars for all his older sons, whether they live with him or are far away, is it permissible for him to bequeath some money of the same value as the car to his son for whom he has not yet bought one, whether or not he is an adult?

Third, if he has sons who live far from him and they are financially independent and other sons who live with him, serve him and help him, is it permissible for him to bequeath some money to those who serve him in return for their sacrifices and service? Is it also permissible to do the same with wives if he has more than one wife?

Fourth, there is no doubt that the belongings a person leaves behind, whether they are effects or real estate, belong to all the inheritors; however, it hurts one to imagine that the belongings which his wife and underage children depend on in their life, will be sold or deducted from their inheritance.

I am very concerned about this. I think that it is better not to sell inherited objects such as furniture, cars and food and other belongings for the benefit of the underage children and their mother who takes care of them because the adult sons are financially stable.They have good jobs and received a good education; whereas, the underage children are young and are in need of kindness, mercy, education and training. They should be saved from suffering two evils at the same time; their father’s death and living in a house less than the one they used to live in which will have a negative effect on them. Also, the property may be estimated at a certain price and be deduced from their shares of inheritance of their father’s bequest.

I hope Your Eminence will consider this subject from all dimensions and aspects and issue a Fatwa that you think will free us of responsibility and maintain all that is good.

Answer: First, the basic ruling in this matter is treating children with justice. The religious evidence on this includes… read more here.

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