A person finds a gold piece of an unknown owner in a car they have bought recently

Question 6: I bought a small car from one of my co-workers. After some time when I opened its trunk, I found a piece of gold wrapped in a cloth. I asked the members of my family about it but they told me it was not theirs, so I went to my co-worker, who sold me the car, but he denied any knowledge. Please note that I am the third owner of the car. Later, I went to the gold market and sold the piece of gold for 600 Riyals. What should I do with this money? Please enlighten us. May Allaah reward you well and guide you to best serve the public interest!

Answer: If the matter is as you mentioned, you should give the price of the gold in charity to poor people, dedicating the reward to its owner… read more here.

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