Is it permissible to sit with those who do not offer Salaah?

Question 9: My question consists of four controversial points:

A- Much controversy arose around sitting with persistent sinners, eating with them, offering Salaah (Prayer) with or being led by them and greeting them. What is the principle on this issue?

B- What is the Islaamic ruling on drawing pictures and how do I refute those who adopt the permissibility of photographs?

C- What is the ruling on receiving a fee for teaching the Qur’aan?

D- What is Dar-ul-Harb (enemy territory), a Muslim country and non-Muslim country?

E- How to put the doctrine of Al-Walaa’ wa Al-Baraa’ (loyalty and disassociation for Allaah’s Sake) into practice?

Answer: a) Sitting with persistent sinners in order to advise them, try to guide them to the truth with wisdom and fair preaching and argue with them in a way that is best is noble, for it represents fulfilling the duty of conveying the message of Islam… read more here.

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