Is it permissible to name someone ‘Ilaahi Bakhash’?

Question 4: I am a Pakistani citizen bearing the name Illaahi Bakhash. I have been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a long time. I face a lot of problems because of my name. Opposed to my name, many official authorities have requested that I change it. That is why I am asking your opinion about this name of mine and whether I am allowed to change it. I would like to add that my father chose that name according to his Urdu-Islamic culture. In Urdu this name means ‘The gift of Allaah’. It is composed of two words: ‘Allaahi’ which means Allaah and ‘Bakhash’ which means gift. Since word order of the genitive construction in Urdu is the opposite of Arabic word order,the meaning of my full name is ‘the gift of Allaah’. I have already asked the opinion of some scholars who showed no objection to it.

Dear Sir: I am kindly requesting your opinion about this issue which has been and still is a source of trouble for me. May Allaah protect and guard you!

Answer: If the reality is as you have mentioned, there is nothing wrong with being named ‘Illaahi Bakhash’ which in Arabic means ‘`Atiyyat-ul-Allaah’ or ‘the gift of Allaah’. It would still be better to change your name to the equivalent Arabic `Atiyyat-ul-Allaah’… read more here.

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