Seeking parents permission for seeking knowledge

Question 5: Is it obligatory to have the parent’s permission in order to seek obligatory knowledge?

Question 5: Are there contemporary narrators who have continuous chains of transmission that can be traced back to the Prophet (peace be upon him) or to one of the scholars of Hadeeth? Would you please inform us of their names and addresses so we can obtain knowledge from them?

Question 5Is it permissible to obtain knowledge and Ijaazah (authorization) from a scholar who does Bid`ahs (innovations in religion) and issues Fatwas (legal opinions issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) unjustly?

Finally, if you are among the narrators who have a continuous chain of transmission that can be traced back to Imaam Malik we wish you would write your Ijaazah showing this chain. Many thanks for your efforts!

Answer: Seeking knowledge which is necessary for the soundness of Imaan (Faith) and the performance of the religious obligations does not require the parent’s permission. You should only seek your parents’ permission when seeking knowledge is regarded as a collective obligation… read more here.

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