Is it permissible to raise voices while following a funeral procession?

Question 2: Many people say that Talqeen to the dead (standing by their grave in an attempt to remind them to say: “Laa ilaaha illaa Allaah”) is Haraam (prohibited) for the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not do so, is this correct?

Question 2 : Is it permissible for people to raise their voices saying, “Say: Laa ilaah ilaa Allaah”, “Glorify Allaah” or the like, while following a funeral procession?

Question 2 : After the burial, some people cut the trees which grow over the graves, others walk over them, and some sit on them. Is this permissible? What is the ruling on a person who does so?

Answer: Yes, Talqeen to the dead after burial is Bid’ah (innovation in religion) for neither the Messenger (peace be upon him) nor the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, or the Sahaabah (Companions of the Prophet) did so. All the Hadeeths mentioned in this regard are not authentic… read more here.

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